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I am more an avid book reader but sometimes you can't read because you're at work, so I listen to audio books as it makes the time pass quicker and it makes work more enjoyable knowing I get to listen to my book, I have gotten through quite a few Audiobooks, this is as far as I will go with books and technology because I utterly dislike kindle's!

Kindle's are not books in my eyes, you don't get to enjoy the smell of a book or the satisfaction of when you first break the spine of a new book, yes they may be handy with less storage and easier to hold but I quite like showing off my book collection and well there are quite a few! 

Like I previously said I have listened to quite a few and I didn't want to exclude any of these from my book reviews so I am going to add them here and right something short and sweet about them all, and who knows maybe you might like the sound of them and buy them.

Mo Hayder (Jack Caffery Series) 

Mo Hayder's books have been an absolute pleasure to listen to, it helps that they are set in Bristol ( Ritual -Wolf) as this is close to home and helps me relate to the books, the first two were set in London (Birdman-The Treatment)  but that didn't make them any worse if anything they are the best two out of the series, but she is a really captivating author and everyday I went into work I knew I had something to look forward to, She has got a lot of acclaim for her work especially for the nature that they entail, but even so she has won awards for her work and I look forward to reading her other books.

You can find Mo Hayder's Birdman here:

Robert Galbraith (Aka- JK Rowling) The Cuckoo's Calling  

Wow! Is the one word I have for this book, all the way through I was thinking how the hell does someone think of this, there is so much that goes round and round your head and I thoroughly enjoyed this novel, it follows private investigator Cormoran Strike trying to solve a case of a well known model's apparent suicide, it didn't surprise me when after I had finished the book I found out it was actually JK Rowling using a pseudonym, she is a brilliant writer and I think everyone enjoyed Harry Potter! This is a lot different to her previous writing style the type of audience she is aiming for is the adult genre but she can really write anything! 
The Cuckoo's Calling is followed by the sequel The Silkworm which is just as great and was a pleasure to listen to.

You can find The Cuckoo's Calling here: 

Sebastian Fitzek - The Child 

This was an utterly captivating novel, it's a thriller and a half and actually had me scared for most of the book, it can seem quite sickening at first but I can guarantee if you stick with it you will love it, I listened to the dramatised version which you can get on audible, it is about a young boy who has been hypnotised and reckons he can remember his past life, he gains the help of a lawyer and his nurse to uncover the deepest secrets hidden within his mind.

You can find The Child here: 


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  1. I read The Cuckoo's Calling just before Christmas and I loved it. I'm looking forward to reading the next instalment The Silkworm, and reading more about Cormoran Strike.
    I also read Poppet by Mo Hayder last year which I quite enjoyed, I haven't read any of her others but might seek them out now based on your review!
    Claire x


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