How Money Can Cause Stress

Hello Everyone,

This is a subject that really relates to me, everyone gets stressed, we are only human at the end of the day but money seems to be a major factor in causing stress.

Even if you're making a half decent income stress can still effect you, it always seems to be when pay day comes around we Splurge to the max! And then when the middle of the month comes around we are thinking oh no! Big Mistake!!

Money is important! Without it we couldn't really do anything, we would have no homes and no way to buy food and live, I'd like to say money doesn't buy happiness but in some ways it does, we worry about feeding our family's 
and paying our rent and what's this lead to? You can guess! Stress....... 

I feel really privileged to have a great boyfriend and family that support me but I'm so glad I can afford to feed and cloth myself, I have been in the situation where I thought I was going to lose everything and it was the most stress full time of my life! I would never want to be in that situation again and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone else either.

I think this is a great time to blog about a subject like this because it's the time of year where everyone must feel the most stressed, money seems to fly out of pockets for all things not just presents, it's not only Christmas but winter too so we spend more on heating and extra clothes, not to mention how much more we spend on our cars, buying de-icer and antifreeze  is not always cheap! Good old WINTER

Because of what's happened to me it really made me learn more about managing money and budgeting, the end of this year has actually been the most least stress full time for me.
Here are some tips to help manage you're money:

1. Budget
Budgeting you're money can help you in the long run, you should write an expenditure of everything you spend and see when and where you are spending money and see if you can cut back on the things you don't need, limit the amount you spend and only buy the things you need! You need to see how much money is coming in to work out how much you have to spend once you have paid you're bills ect.

2. Setting up an account for Direct Debits
It is always handy to have a separate account for you're bills that go out by Direct Debit, this way you can transfer the money from your main account to this one and it stops you accidentally spending that money and paying your bills instead, this also helps with seeing what money is left for you to spend.

3. Priorities 
Work out what you're spending priorities are like bills and debt ect, make sure you are paying these first as in the future it might come round to bite you in the behind if you miss too many payments!

4. Saving
Save! Save! Save! You never know when you're car might break down or forgetting someone's birthday, and there is nothing worse than having no money to sort it out! Having some saving's could really save your life, I know saving is hard and most the time people only save when they want something but it is always good to put even a little bit away, just in case you never know!

And Finally.............

5. Will Power
You need this to do anything, there is no point saying yes I will do all that and not actually getting off your butt and doing it, focus on whats important and what you need to do to sort out any problems in your life, anything is possible if you just believe ( Quoting A Cinderella Story tehe)

Have a good day

10 days till Christmas

Don't stress too much ;)

Me x

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