Keeping A Journal - Your own Blog Bible

Hope Everyone had a brilliant Christmas, I know I did!

I've always wanted a nice Journal, I keep a diary in my bag but I really wanted something to write my ideas for stories, so when I unwrapped that beautiful paper Christmas afternoon (Adults get presents after dinner, Tradition)
a big smile spread across my face when I got not one but three new Journals to write in, let's just say my boyfriend is the best! Two of them were writing Journals but the other was a little different, F'nish Th's B''k, by Keri Smith.

I cannot wait to get started on this, there are so many things to make my mind go wild, one of the ideas, is to sit in a busy area and watch people and write a story/description about them, you also have to pretend you are a spy but I might just skip that part haha.
I really wanted one of these as sometimes I just need that little bit of a push in the right direction and this could really help with my writing, I think taking my boyfriend into Waterstones over and over again worked!

This was the best present, it is my very own Blog Bible, the detail on the cover is just beautiful, it has it's very own spine that looks like an old book, and it has the most intricate detail, this Journal will follow me everywhere I go, when I suddenly get an idea for a Blog it will be written down straight away!

I think having a Journal is a must have when writing a Blog, careful planning and consideration is needed to bring out the best in your writing, just like when writing a story, you need a beginning, middle and end and I think this apply's with a Blog to.

Me x


  1. Hey! I LOVE your blog! I just stumbled upon it after watching the blog video that Zoey and Louise did :) Those journals are absolutely gorgeous! <3 Great eye candy for book lovers like myself. I'm definitely following your blog and I can't wait for future posts from you! Feel free to stop by my blog and send me a message sometime :)

  2. Hi Danielle, thanks so much for your kind words (: You're comment really made me smile, I will check out your blog and I'm so glad you enjoy mine, gives me even more inspiration to keep blogging!

    Me x


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