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Hello Everyone,
 I haven't mentioned to you yet that I am in training to be a nail technician, I am very girly when I want to be and this is a big passion of mine, I am very creative and when I put my mind to something I can achieve it!

I have been training now for a year and I am just about to start on acrylics and gel, I want to take my time with this as it is important that this is done to the best of my ability, not only for me but so I have happy clients.

Scratch Magazine is like my 101 - go to mag, if I want ideas or want to read other nail technicians advice this is where I go to seek my knowledge, I have an online subscription which is only £9.99 a year which I think is a bargain, but it just isn't the same as a magazine, it's harder to get into and to see the detail properly.
Next year I am hopefully going to buy a subscription for the year in paper copy, which is still only £39.

You can buy a subscription in their store here: http://www.scratchmagazine.co.uk/store

Scratch offers advice and and information on nail- related issues, you can find in their magazines different brands of nail products and the latest 'whats hot' now products.

You need help on what top coat works or what kind of brand of nail polish to use and this magazine is the best place to find what you are looking for! 
The art work is just amazing and can really give you some great Ideas on what to suggest or even practise on your clients! 

Check out O.P.I's New Fifty Shades of Grey nail polish range, Mr Grey is looking mighty fine I must say and Ana Steele is looking rather ravishing!

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