Step Back In Time by Ali McNamara, Book Review

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Or afternoon, evening wherever you may be in the world, today I'm going to be doing  a book review on Step back in time by Ali McNamara, this book is the first book I have read in quite a while as I have been very busy, but as I enjoyed it that much it has made me keen to start reading properly again!

So lets begin, this is the cover for the book:
The Cover for Step Back In Time

This book put the biggest smile on my face from start to finish, without giving anything away the book has a Beatles theme to it, it's a modern romance with a twist, Ali McNamara really knows how to captivate someone with her writing, every time I had to put this book down I wanted to pick it straight back up again, going even a couple hours without it drove me crazy as I wanted to know what was going to happen next!
It is about a woman named Jo-Jo who gets hit by a car and steps back in time, the books revolves around  her journey to try and get back to the present, the book is a packed full of laughs and I didn't want it to end, it was one of those books where you want to know what happens but at the same time don't as you know it'll be over soon.
I really enjoyed this book because, it had me laughing all the way through and the story actually had a plot, the only thing I didn't like was the book ending, I don't think making it longer would of done it any justice but I really didn't want to finish this book as it was the highlight of my week knowing I was going to get home from work to read this!
If you want a good read over Christmas then this is the book to get! I particularly enjoyed reading when I had a nice glass of wine to accompany me.
Snuggled up in the warmth with the Christmas tree and fire is the perfect atmosphere for reading and this the book to read!  If you're needing gift idea's for book enthusiasts see if they have this book and if not I definitely recommend buying this for a Christmas present.

On another note the first Christmas decorations have gone up and I'm really feeling in the Christmas spirit, Not long to go now guys, hope you're all ready 11 days to go.

Merry Christmas

Me x

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