Trying something new...

Hello, Hola, Bonjour
I'm new to blogging and this is a great first post for me as I have tried a lot of new things lately, I'm not really one for trying things new as I can be a bit of a wuss, but aren't we all at times?
Here are a list of things that I tried out:

1. Started playing World Of Warcraft
Well what can I say about this game....... it's interesting I must say, if any of you have read my  Me page you'll know that I am female, My boyfriend after a lot of demanding persuaded me to get this game as he is a big fan! I am still getting my head around the concept and controls ect but I think if I keep at it I will get the hang of it! And I already made a friend, Progress!!

2. Started a Blog
Well this one is the biggie, I have no Idea how this is going to go but it gives me a chance to have a rant or get my opinions across without anyone knowing who I am, I don't really have a problem with doing that in my everyday life but sometimes it can be hard to say certain things to people, it can come across offensive or rude if you say the wrong thing, but this is also for you guys, whoever you may be that might read this to express your opinions too.
3. Saving

Well I have never been able to do this ever, I think a lot of you with understand how I feel on this point! I think everyone must at least put £10 into their savings accounts, and then by the end of the month withdraw that £10 because they run out of money, well that happened to be a regular occurrence to me, but I actually have something to save for now, a flat! Me and my boyfriend have been doing a lot of overtime on the weekends, and we also have to work Christmas as well, but it's all to go towards our future home together, this will be the first time I will be living with a MAN!! Help me!!
So this is the start of hopefully something that will be very important in my life
If you need to rant or express I should say feel free to comment below
Adios Amigos


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