'Mind Over Matter' 7 Motivational tips to get to the gym

The thought of the 'Gym' can really be daunting, especially if you're only just getting into going, who wants to go to the gym when you can stay at home of the sofa and eat food right?
But it is good to stay healthy, there is no problem with having the odd lazy day but these need to be balanced out with gym/exercise day's too.

I am a big procrastinator, I always think to myself 'Oh, I'll go gym today' and that seems to happen everyday without the actually going to the gym part of it. For the last four months I have not gone to the gym once, and for me that is bad, I am used to going to the gym 4 times a week and going for a jog at least once a week.
I try to blame this on winter but if I am honest it's by being totally lazy, but for one of my new year resolutions, I wanted to get back into going to the gym and being healthier again (and shift a few added pounds).

But please only go if you want to and not for other people, if you're happy with yourself don't change yourself for other people, for me I want to feel happier and healthier again, no one has made me feel like I have to go.

But it's all good saying we are going to go but actually going can be hard to find the motivation, here are 7 tips to help motivate or keep you motivated for the gym:

1. Listen to music

Nothing is worse than trying to exercise to no music and even worse than that listening to music that doesn't get you 'pumped up'. 
Music really helps when exercising, if you listen to upbeat dance sort of tracks it can really help get you in the mood to go the gym, I always find when I am watching a dance film (Step up, for example) I always start dancing along and seeing myself as the next strictly star!

2. Baby steps

Start small, put your gym clothes on it might get you in the mood, I always feel like I have to go if I have put my gym kit on otherwise it was a waste of my time putting them on in the first place! And hey you never no you're second step might even be walking out of the door!

3. Take small walks

You might not believe but even walking helps shed the pounds, it's a slow gradual process but even adding this in your daily routine would help with keeping you fitter, I love taking a slow walk and taking in the scenery ,and not having a dog is no excuse for not going for a walk!

4. Exercise at home

You don't need exercise equipment to workout at home, cans of beans can be used for weights and you don't need anything for sit up's and push ups, remember it's just to get you started so you don't need to start big! 

5. Take a friend (Gym Buddies)

It's always nice to take someone with you to the gym or to do exercise with, and it might make the gym not feel so much of a chore, sometimes you can get on better without a friend but I always find I do more when I go with someone because they can see if I am being lazy and not actually doing anything. They also might be able to help you out with some techniques.

6. Look at pictures

There are so many gym inspiration pictures on the internet, obviously don't look at the over the top muscle or skinny types, look at the healthy types, or your ideal physique. It's always good to give yourself a goal and sometimes looking at what sort of physique you would like helps you know when to stop. 

7. Don't get Disheartened!

And the most important of all, don't bring yourself down, you have to remember it takes time to achieve what you want, with anything in life. 
If you want to lose weight it won't happen immediately, and it takes just as long to put on weight. So try to enjoy the gym just remember every little thing you are doing is helping. 

I hope these tips help you or have made you feel better about not going to the gym, you're not the only one, I think a lot of people have a bad habit or a problem for procrastinating! 

What are your bad habits? and what are something's you would like to achieve? 

Me x


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  5. Really good read!


  6. There are really good tips. I used to be so into gymming but then the motivation stopped suddenly. I'm taking baby steps again!


    1. Did my first jog of the year this morning, least to say I feel like I am dying, but I'm so glad it's done now and its given me the motivation to carry on.

      Meme xx

  7. Good advice in here to keep me motivated! :)

    1. Good, glad it's helped you! Thank you for commenting :)


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  11. Great post! yeahhh music! I forgot to mention it in my motivation tips! :)
    Thank you Meme for sharing! :* xoxo



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