Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy

If you're a big kid at heart and love a little bit of magic, then these books are the ones to read!

 I loved Harry Potter by JK Rowling, and Derek Landy is on the same page with magic but with the added extra of a living skeleton that does magic, I'm not doing a review as such but more of an reason to why I think you should give these books a chance, they are in the Children/YA genre but anyone would love them, my Nan introduced me to these books and I have thoroughly enjoyed each of them.

In total there are 9 Books:

Skulduggery Pleasant
Playing with Fire
The Faceless Ones
Dark Days
Mortal Coil
Death Bringer
Kingdom of the Wicked
Last Stand of Dead Men
The Dying Of The Light

I haven't got round to reading the last 2 yet but when I do I'll be straight on here doing a review, the first book follows Stephanie Edgley, a 12 year old girl, whose Uncle dies, leaving her a house and his royalties from his best selling books, but that's not all he leaves her, strange things start to happen in Stephanie's life when a strange man in a fuzzy wig and sunglasses (Skulduggery Pleasant) saves her life from something out of this world!

The first 3 books were given to me by my nan that's why they are paperbacks, but as soon as I started buying them myself I had to buy them in hardback, as soon as they came out!
They are one of my favourites in my book collection, and when I move house they will be proudly on display, my favourite type of book genre is fantasy as I sort of live in my own fantasy land, do you live in a fantasy to? 

If I didn't have to go to work, I would be reading all day long and staying in those fantasy's, I love getting my head in a good book and imagining everything that goes on, it actually makes me very disappointed when I get back to reality.

If you'd like to check out Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy,you can buy them here:

Have you read the Skulduggery Pleasant series? and what do you think of them?
Also can you recommend me any books like this series, if so leave me a comment below.

Me x


  1. These books sound quite good, I wouldn't say fantasy is my favourite genre, but I did start reading the Harry Potter series a while ago (stupidly I didn't finish them, I want to start reading them again), and I liked the books I read, so I think I might enjoy them. I'll have a look and see if they are available on Kindle.

  2. You should, they're really good, I love books like this.

    Meme xx

  3. These books completed my childhood!

  4. These are my absolute favourites!

    Carys x


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